Learn to listen to your body and find your centre

What flavour is your anxiety?

  • Cognitive Rumination

    Thoughts swirl at such high velocity, it's difficult to pin anything down. Most of the time, it can feel like thoughts are happening to you.

  • Trauma-Response Hyper-vigilance

    Heightened awareness is required to keep safe so you're hyper aware of changes in environment, mood and body language.

  • Cycles of Fear & Control

    Fear creates a perceived lack (lack of safety) that then instigates a cycle of overcompensation. From fear, we control. Control is an attempt to quell the fear but it ends up amplifying it.


Bethany Zelent

Internationally Registered Counsellor

Bringing nearly 10 years of depth psychotherapy experience🌊, I offer a comprehensive counseling approach integrating evidence-based methods 🔬with intuitive inquiry🔮. Informed by a Masters in Counseling Psychology and over 8 post-graduate certificates, 🎓I've meticulously crafted the Spiral Self Method 🌀- a structured approach to healing. Through extensive academic education and transformational experiences, I guide others to 🔎find themselves, 🪄dispel shame, 🫂embody change, and 💥integrate power. I offer practical counselling for radical change🫵 to interrupt patterns with compassion 🧡and activate your potential.👑

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