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Welcome to our virtual membership community, a vibrant space dedicated to authentic growth and self-discovery. Our emphasis on authenticity and vulnerability creates a safe environment for members to share experiences and connect on a deeper level.

Healing, Feeling & Thriving

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What We Offer

Supportive posts, messages, check-ins, interactive activities and live sessions

  • Daily Check Ins💡Stay connected, supported, accountable and engaged.

  • Weekly Journal Prompts🗒️Encourages growth, deep introspection and personal development.

  • Monthly Wisdom Shares🔮Valuable insights to learn practical tools and strategies for growth.

  • Live Sessions🔎Guidance, wisdom, and interactive discussions to enhance your healing journey.

You're welcome here

Experience guided mentorship and support tailored to your unique journey

Bethany Zelent

Community Organizer

With over 10 years of experience, I excel in organizing, supporting, and mentoring community members on their journey of healing and growth. As the organizer of our mentorship online membership community, I am dedicated to creating a safe and supportive virtual space where members can thrive. By integrating daily check-ins, weekly journal prompts, live sessions, and monthly wisdom shares, I strive to ensure each member receives the guidance and support needed to navigate their healing journey effectively. Holding a Master’s in Counselling Psychology and over 8 postgraduate certificates, I offer a supportive and nurturing environment for personal transformation. My extensive training in psychology, science, and spirituality ensures a comprehensive and empathetic approach.

I've been trusted to hold space for...

Find Your Place to Thrive

Join us today and discover the power of a supportive community where you truly belong.

I’ve always dreamed of creating a space where clients can come together and truly feel understood. A place where I could tell each one of you that you aren't alone, that what you're experiencing is normal, and that you have the strength to get through this. Others have faced similar challenges and emerged stronger, and I believe you can too. Now, that dream has become a reality. In our community, you will find the support and understanding you've been searching for. Here, you can connect with others who share your experiences and receive guidance from a caring and experienced counsellor. Together, we can navigate this journey of healing and growth, providing each other with the encouragement and tools needed to thrive.

Experience the Benefits & Transformation of Connection

Discover How Our Community Fosters Healing and Growth

  • Reduce Loneliness

    You'll be building connections with like-hearted individuals, creating a sense of belonging and community. You'll develop healthier relationships through shared experiences and expert advice.

  • Professional Guidance

    You'll receive insights and support from a registered counsellor experienced in facilitating healing and transformation. By engaging in meaningful mentorship, you'll find the guidance and support you're looking for.

  • Personal Growth

    You'll experience continuous personal development with consistent support and practical tools. In this journey of self-discovery, you can deepen your understanding of yourself with reflective activities and discussions.

  • Emotional Resilience

    By intentionally enhancing the protective factor of safe support, you'll build emotional strength and resilience through guided practices and community support.

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Embark on a journey of healing, growth, and connection. Start your transformational experience now!

You'll have access to so much support

Significant value at a fraction of the cost to enhance your community experience and support your personal development journey.

  • Exclusive Monthly Q&A Webinars

    $120 value

    Participate in monthly group wisdom shares - including Q&A sessions with Bethany, a registered counsellor. These interactive sessions allow you to ask questions, gain clarity, and receive expert advice on various topics related to your healing and personal growth journey.

  • Comprehensive Resource Library

    $100 value

    Access a curated library of resources, including journal prompts, worksheets, and guided meditations. This extensive collection supports your learning and application of various techniques, ensuring you have the tools you need for continuous growth.

  • Personalized Wellness Plan

    $180 value

    Receive weekly prompts to build a customized wellness plan that addresses your unique cultural background and self-care needs. This plan includes activity prompts designed to integrate healing practices into your everyday life, encouraging mindfulness, self-care, and personal reflection for a holistic and inclusive wellness journey.

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Connect with a supportive network dedicated to your healing and success. Start your journey towards a healthier, happier you!

Embark on your journey of healing and growth

Join Bethany and the rest of the supportive community!

“From the bottom of my heart, your support of me means so much and you have shaped me more than I think you know - but in a way that is authentically me.”

Community Member

“Thank you for really seeing me; it felt like a breath of fresh air. I aspire to know and understand as you do and to be able to hold space and see others in the way that you've done for me. Thank you so much for these gifts. ”

Community Member

“As always thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have walked with me towards self-respect and resilience and I appreciate your methods / style / YOU and everything you've done for / with me”

Community Member

“Thank you so much. You have been so kind and helpful. I think that if angels are real, you are definitely one of them. ”

Community Member

“Words cannot fully express my gratitude for the extraordinary impact you have had on my life. Thank you for dedicating your time, knowledge, and energy to help me through one of the most challenging periods of my life. I am forever indebted to you for your unwavering support, guidance, and unwavering commitment to my well-being.”

Community Member

“Bethany's energetic presence and personal reflection allows her to be compassionately present and authentic with clients. She has an innate ability to "just be with" and "hold space" for those who may not have clear direction. ”

Community Member

“You're seriously the best - I'm so glad we connected. I felt so small the last few weeks but I feel like I'm standing a little taller today. ”

Community Member

“Thank you for sharing your endless joy and balance with me, being there for me as I recognize that my survival and deep pain is a testimony to my confidence, strength and capacity to be myself even through times where the whole world is enveloped in grief and chaos.”

Community Member

You aren't alone.

And you don't need to heal alone.

Join us today and become part of a supportive network committed to your personal transformation. Together, we can create a space where healing and growth thrive.

What to Expect

Join our exclusive community dedicated to healing, self-discovery, and personal growth. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Safe Virtual Space

    Enjoy a secure, vulnerable environment where you can share openly, reduce loneliness, and build meaningful connections with like-hearted individuals.

  • Professional Guidance

    Benefit from a registered counsellor's expertise, offering proven strategies and continuous support. Engage in live sessions for real-time guidance, meaningful discussions, and connections. Gain valuable insights and tools from monthly wisdom shares for continuous growth.

  • Ongoing Personal Growth

    Enhance emotional strength, improve relationships, and foster self-discovery with our comprehensive resources and supportive community. Engage daily with prompts for reflection and accountability. Receive weekly journal prompts encouraging deep introspection and personal development.

Find your People

Have you ever felt like you’re facing life’s challenges alone?

In this community, you’re never alone. I’ve created a space where you can find understanding and support. You'll discover like-hearted people who are on their own journey of self-discovery. Join our supportive community today and embark on a journey of healing and growth, knowing you have a network of caring individuals by your side.

A safe, respectful, supportive space

You contribute to our safe, supportive, and empowering community. These guidelines ensure consistent behavior, respect, and privacy to maintain a positive atmosphere, open dialogue, trust, and meaningful connections to enhance the community experience.

  • Respect🪞Treat all community members with kindness, empathy, and respect. Embrace diverse perspectives and foster a supportive environment for everyone.

  • Confidentiality🔐Maintain confidentiality and respect the privacy of fellow members. Avoid sharing personal information outside of the community without explicit permission.

  • Active Participation🗣️Participate actively in community activities, including daily check-ins, live sessions, and discussions. Your engagement contributes to the collective growth and support of the community.

  • Accountability⚖️Hold yourself and others accountable for upholding community guidelines. If you have concerns, address them respectfully. Your feedback is essential for shaping the growth and direction of our community.

Affordable Support for your Well-Being

Join our community for just £19/month. Experience transformative support, guidance, and connection on your healing journey. It's an investment in your wellness.

Start your journey towards a healthier, happier you!

Join our exclusive community for like-hearted individuals on a journey of healing, self-discovery, and growth.

Led by a registered counsellor, our membership offers daily check-ins, weekly journal prompts, live sessions, and monthly wisdom shares. Experience the benefits of reduced loneliness, meaningful mentorship, and professional guidance. Our safe, vulnerable virtual space fosters accountability and emotional resilience. Expect transformation in your relationships, enhanced self-discovery, and continuous personal growth. Connect with a supportive network dedicated to your healing and success.


  • What can I expect from the daily and weekly check-ins?

    Our daily and weekly check-ins are designed to keep you engaged and connected with the community. Each day, you’ll receive prompts and activities that encourage reflection and interaction. These check-ins help maintain accountability, provide emotional support, and ensure you’re consistently working towards your personal growth goals. They are a great way to stay motivated and connected with like-hearted individuals on a similar journey

  • How do the live sessions and wisdom shares work?

    Live sessions are hosted at least monthly - often more. These interactive sessions provide a platform for real-time guidance, discussions, and Q&A. You’ll have the opportunity to engage directly me (Bethany - a registered counsellor) and other community members, fostering a deeper connection and understanding. Each session covers different topics related to healing, self-discovery, and personal growth, ensuring you gain valuable insights and practical tools

  • What benefits are there to joining this community?

    By joining our community, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits, including reduced loneliness through meaningful connections with like-hearted individuals, professional guidance from a registered counsellor, and consistent support through daily check-ins, weekly journal prompts, and monthly wisdom shares. Our safe, vulnerable virtual space fosters accountability, emotional resilience, and healthier relationships. You can expect profound self-discovery, continuous personal growth, and a supportive network dedicated to your success and well-being.