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Bethany Zelent

Internationally Registered Counsellor

Bringing nearly 10 years of depth psychotherapy experience🌊, I offer a comprehensive counseling approach integrating evidence-based methods 🔬with intuitive inquiry🔮. Informed by a Masters in Counseling Psychology and over 8 post-graduate certificates, 🎓I've meticulously crafted the Spiral Self Method 🌀- a structured approach to healing. Through extensive academic education and transformational experiences, I guide others to 🔎find themselves, 🪄dispel shame, 🫂embody change, and 💥integrate power. I offer practical counselling for radical change🫵 to interrupt patterns with compassion 🧡and activate your potential.👑



My Instagram page focuses on inspiring self-discovery and fostering individual growth, aiming for collective transformation through shared experiences, resources, and connections, functioning as a directory for personal development.



My TikTok serve is a quippy, quirky place to pose reflective questions for identity development, aiming to inspire introspection and share resources in a fun and engaging manner for the healing journey.

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