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My centering ethic is to be always working myself out of a job. Research shows that most change happens outside the therapy room and while healing may be lifelong, you’ll have many teachers and guides along the way. I believe in the power of community, collective care and that the individualism of therapy misses important social change that must shift in accordance with our own personal healing. While I love and believe in the impact of therapy as a healing modality, I also know it isn’t the whole picture. Connecting to your culture, to traditional practice, to supportive relationships with shared & reciprocal vulnerability are just as healing as therapy. I want to equip you to respond to life’s ebbs and flows with self-compassion.


Bethany Zelent

Internationally Registered Counsellor

Bringing nearly 10 years of depth psychotherapy experience🌊, I offer a comprehensive counseling approach integrating evidence-based methods 🔬with intuitive inquiry🔮. Informed by a Masters in Counseling Psychology and over 8 post-graduate certificates, 🎓I've meticulously crafted the Spiral Self Method 🌀- a structured approach to healing. Through extensive academic education and transformational experiences, I guide others to 🔎find themselves, 🪄dispel shame, 🫂embody change, and 💥integrate power. I offer practical counselling for radical change🫵 to interrupt patterns with compassion 🧡and activate your potential.👑

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Social proof: testimonials

“Emma's insightful, vulnerable writing perfectly captures the human experience with compassion.”

“I resonate with so much with Emma's writing. She conveys hope with her hard fought and well crafted words. ”

“The Flow is as practical as it is thought provoking. ”

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Syconium Resources allow you to take healing into your own hands, expand your growth & take guide your processing. Workbooks, meditations and journal prompts are for you to integrate change into you everyday - after all, change happens incrementally.
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What customers have to say...

“Emma's workbooks are thorough AF and gave me the structure I needed to reflect. ”

“I've wanted to get into journalling but never could - Emma's workbooks helped me start for the first time! It's been so cathartic and insightful.”

“The meditations are other-worldly, but still so grounding. I listen to it everyday.”

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If you're ready for 1:1 support, I'm here with you and for you

Bridging narrative, depth existential and holistic spirituality, 1:1 sessions are a reintroduction to yourself. We'll focus on identifying authentic values, depth processing, trauma healing and stress reduction. You deserve to live your own life, to listen to and trust yourself.
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What clients have to say...

“Emma is personable, professional, easy to talk to and always has insightful wisdom to share.”

“I feel so much lighter; like a burden has been lifted. I was so overwhelmed and found relief in just one session.”

“After seeing Emma for only a few months, I have made more progress with more actionable items than sitting in chairs of over 9 psychologists for years.”

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