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Seeking clinical supervision? Partner with a registered psychotherapist for ethical integration and reflective processing. Elevate your practice, gain insights, and ensure best practices in therapy. With personalized supervision, enhance your clinical skills and navigate complex cases with confidence.
Elevate your practice with expert clinical supervision from a registered psychotherapist. Explore reflective processing and ethical integration in a supportive environment. Enhance your skills, ensure ethical practice, and achieve professional growth with personalized supervision tailored to your needs.

Guiding Growth

Expert Clinical Supervision for Counselors

Bethany Zelent

Counselling Supervisor

With nearly a decade of experience, I provide tailored clinical supervision emphasizing individuation, embodiment, and authenticity. My goal is to optimize therapist growth, fostering transformative client experiences through personalized guidance and support.

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Enhance your Skills and Ethics with Expert Guidance

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Elevate your Counselling Practice

Enhance Ethics, Prevent Burnout, and Foster Growth with Personal Reflection

Clinical supervision plays a crucial role in the development of counselors, aiding in burnout prevention, ethical reinforcement, and continuous growth. Integration of personal reflection within supervision sessions offers a unique avenue for self-awareness and resilience building. 

By committing to ongoing professional development and lifelong learning, counselors strengthen their practice and prevent burnout. Embracing supervision fosters a deep love for their work, ensuring counselors remain dedicated to serving clients with integrity and effectiveness. 

Invest in clinical supervision to fortify your counseling practice and cultivate a fulfilling career in the mental health field.

UK & Europe

North America

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Invest in your Practice

Foster self-awareness, ethical excellence, embody integrity and commit to ongoing professional development through reflective clinical supervision

  • Enhance your Skills

    Clinical supervision provides counselors with valuable feedback, guidance, and skill-building opportunities, enhancing their therapeutic techniques and effectiveness.

  • Ethical Commitment

    Supervision sessions offer a structured platform for counselors to discuss ethical dilemmas, ensuring adherence to ethical standards in therapy practice.

  • Personal Growth

    Through reflective discussions, counselors gain deeper insights into their therapeutic style and areas for improvement, fostering personal growth and professional development.

Clinical Supervision for Integrative Counselors

Guided Somatic Resourcing Sessions and Ethical Inquiry for Counselor Growth

As a psychotherapist offering clinical supervision, I guide integrative counselors through structured reflective sessions known as Somatic Resourcing. These sessions delve into vital ethical considerations like Informed Consent, Confidentiality, and managing Dual Relationships, ensuring counselors navigate their practice ethically.

Somatic Inquiry forms a cornerstone, exploring the wisdom of the body and its role in counseling. It's about bridging awareness, fostering inner consent, and embracing authenticity. Each session incorporates elements of confidentiality and setting limits, crucial for client well-being.

From trauma healing strategies to discussions on personal traits and therapeutic legacies, these sessions are designed to enrich counselors' growth journey. By nurturing their skills and empowering them to navigate challenges with confidence, we ensure our counselors are equipped to make a meaningful impact in their practice.


Congruent Clinical Practice

Effective therapeutic strategies begin with integrity. Our clinical supervision sessions integrate:

  • TRAUMA INFORMED - creating safety by building trust through transparency

  • SOMATIC NARRATIVE - connect past experiences with present circumstances to identify & interrupt pattern repetition

  • EXISTENTIAL - identify your needs of purpose, belonging & meaning to live with Inner Consent

  • HOLISTIC - connect to the unseen, somatic experiences through guided ritual & meditation

  • SOLUTION-FOCUSED - focus on tangible practices to bring change into everyday

Unlock your Potential

Enhance Counseling Skills and Ethical Integrity with Expert Guidance

Regular engagement in clinical supervision leads to transformative changes, including increased confidence, competence, and self-awareness. Counselors experience enhanced therapeutic outcomes, improved client relationships, and a deeper sense of fulfillment in their work. Ongoing supervision supports counselors in preventing burnout and staying aligned with ethical values, leading to a more rewarding counseling career.
You deserve to live work you love without burnout.



I've learned a lot from my decade providing depth psychotherapy - here's how:

  • Masters in Counselling Psychology

  • Inherited Family Trauma Certificate

  • Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy Certificate

  • Training in Existential Analysis

  • Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Certificate

  • Reiki Master Certificate


  • Why is clinical supervision important for integrative counselors?

    Clinical supervision provides integrative counselors with a structured framework for professional development, ethical guidance, and skill enhancement. It offers a supportive space to explore therapeutic approaches, receive feedback, and ensure adherence to ethical standards.

  • What can I expect from clinical supervision sessions?

    In clinical supervision, you can expect to engage in reflective discussions, case reviews, and skill-building exercises tailored to your unique practice. I'll offer guidance, support, and constructive feedback to enhance your clinical skills and ensure ethical practice.

  • How often should I participate in clinical supervision?

    The frequency of clinical supervision sessions depends on various factors, including your level of experience, caseload, and professional development goals. Generally, integrative counselors engage in regular supervision sessions, ranging from weekly to monthly, to ensure ongoing support, growth, and accountability.

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